2017 Horses Helping Horses Fall Beach Ride

Zion Hill Farm

Rescuing horses is a big part of our farm. Four out of Five of our horses were rescues at one point in their lives. Libby was our very first rescue. She is the reason we have Banana. Mr T. was originally a rescue when he was 3 years old he was saved from slaughter. He was meant to be at our farm! Bonnie was a rescued mare as well. This will be our second time joining the MSPCA beach ride in order to raise money for horses in need. Every donation can help, even $5. 


Zion Hill farm will also be fundraising and setting up boths for the next two months to help raise money. Contact Lesley to help! Our team goal is to raise at least $100 per participant and more if we can! We can do this!

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