2019 Fast and Furriest


April 2019 has been a tough month for the McGovern family. Our beloved Reo has been diagnosed with a very aggressive and invasive cancerous tumor - Fibrosarcoma. For those of you who know Reo and know our deep bond and unconditional love, you can understand the incredible heartache this has been for Mike and I.

Reo is our original; our baby before babies; my constant, quiet, never wavering friend who has been there for the ups and downs of the past 11+ years. As we collect ourselves and plan for our final weeks and (hopefully) months with him we are focusing on his quality of life and trying to find comfort in the beautiful life and love we have given to each other.

We have made the painful, but selfless decision, to not put him through any invasive surgery. As his Mom and a Veterinary Technician, it is hard not to want to “try everything” and to “fix him”… But I am focused on his remaining quality of life and not the quantity. We have opted for palliative care measures and will continue to put his comfort and happiness first.

Therefore, please know this rally is not to raise funds for Reo, but rather a rally with and for Reo to support a wonderful organization we all love and support- the MSPCA. I hope to run on May 19th and raise funds for the MSPCA in hopes to have something POSITIVE come from this very dark time we are experiencing. We appreciate any and all support!

So please hug your four legged (or maybe 3 legged) babes extra tight today and consider a generous gift to the MSPCA in honor of our amazing boy, Reo.

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