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I'm sure you remember Roscoe, our long-term, wild and crazy, loved-by-everyone-he-met resident who we ran for last year.  Well, you'll be pleased to know that Roscoe went home with the most perfect family.  We're happy to report that as he approaches his first adoptaverary, they love him now more than ever.  He's no longer wild and crazy, but rather prefers long naps on the couch.  He still loves the company of other dogs and frequents his local dog park to play with a few of his best friends.  His fan club is still going strong, and he is often recognized when out on the town as "Roscoe from the MSPCA".  While Roscoe no longer relies on the care of the MSPCA, there are plenty of animals who are right where he was just a year ago.​  Please donate to the MSPCA so that we can provide the same excellent love and care that Roscoe recieved to the many other animals that are waiting to find their perfect home.  And please join us in celebrating that #RoscoeWentHome!

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