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Seaside Tortitude

Often times older and/or medically challenging animals get overlooked by adopters who come in for the cute puppy or kitten. I grew a rather large place in my heart for the senior pets but an even more significant space for the animals that may not have much time left at all. Hospice pets.

A hospice animal may not have a full life ahead of them but rather had a pretty full life behind them. They need a real home to love and care for them in their last days. Every pet deserves to feel the warmth of a home and the love of a caretaker. Just because they are past their prime does not mean they should spend the rest of their days homeless. Sometimes owners pass away or the medical cost to keep up with an animals health issues becomes too big a burden for an owner to manage. Sometimes these surrederers are just looking to do the right thing for their animal to give them the best chance for a happy and pain-free life.

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we need friends like YOU to help us give these animals a second chance at happiness! We couldnt do it without you!

EVERY animal on that adoption floor deserves love, deserves a home. If your heart breaks, it only means it was big enough to love. And thats the mightiest thing a person can do.

Can you show your love? show your support? If the shelter can't afford to remove a mass or perform a dental surgery, a sweet cat or loving dog may never get to go home. A few dollars go a long way for these animals. Your donation could pay for a medical procedure that would make an otherwise unadoptable animal more adoptable. Your donation can turn months living at the shelter in to days.

Make that difference.



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