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My two pets, Isabella and Scooby are lucky.

They were both born in Honduras where I served as a Peace Corps volunteer. Isabella, a tiny cat, was found off the streets of a small city and lived off of scraps and cockroaches. When she arrived as a present to me, she was covered in fleas and was skin and bones. She eventually, fatten up, but due to the rural conditions I lived in, gave birth 4 times before being able to see a proper vet (over 7 hours away).

Scooby was born in my rural village to a litter of 8 puppies. After a month had passed, his mother ran out of milk and 6 of the puppies had already died. Scooby was given to me as a present and was barely alive. He was covered in fleas and scabs.

Pets were not a norm in Honduras. People thought I was crazy for caring for my animals, feeding them, and taking them to the vet. But Isabella and Scooby were ambassadors to my village in Honduras- I used them to show people how wonderful owning a pet could be and show them that treating an animal with love and care would result in a loving relationship.

I'm so lucky to be able to have Isabella and Scooby in my life; and I hope that they can continue to be ambassadors to the US as well. Animal cruelty is sadly a reality in both Honduras and the US. Additionally, there are hundreds of pets looking for a home. Isabella, Scooby and myself support the MSPCA because we believe every animal deserves a loving home and we hope you agree and will support the MSPCA!

This is my first marathon, and I can't think of a better cause to support while running!

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