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Team Fundraising Goal: $500.00

Total Number of Gifts: 15
Total Value of Gifts: $837.00

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Hi, I'm Gina! Since I can remember, I've always had pets: cats, dogs, hamsters, even birds. We were always able to give our animals - many of whom were abandoned - food, shelter and love. Today, I give a home to my two best furry friends - Hermione and Pessa (They're pictured here!). I cannot adopt more animals, however I can help provide them with what they need through organizations like the MSPCA. And so can you! Animals CANNOT help themselves - it's up to us to help them. Instead of buying your $4 coffee today, you could quiet a hungry tummy. Instead of getting a $20 manicure this week, you could save a kitten from the streets.

Think of them - they're helpless - and give anything you can.

As thanks for your generosity, on May 27 I will be running the Great Hyannis Road Race Half Marathon. Yes, you and your donations are worth two hours of running. Because I love animals that much.

Donate per mile or a general sum - whatever you can contribute will be appreciated by the animals who need our help.

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