MSPCA Cape Cod Dog spay/Neuter


Thanks to the Massachusetts Animal Coalition and generous local veterinarians, the MSPCA-Cape Cod is able to offer low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for qualifying families.  Dogs must be at least 4 months old to be able to participate in this program. 


For $75, the program includes:

  • Spay / neuter surgery
  • Rabies vaccine
  • DHPP (distemper) vaccine
  • Microchip with activation


You will need to provide proof of financial assistance.  Please bring proof of at least two of the following:

Food Stamps Rental Assistance
Medicaid Fuel Assistance
Social Security AFDC
Unemployment Low Household Income

The program does not include additional tests or medications not related to the surgery.  We recommend having pre-surgical blood work and a heartworm test completed prior to surgery.

To qualify, owners must:

  • Complete an application and sign the consent form
  • Prove need for assistance
  • $75 payment per dog in the form of cash, credit/debit or money order (no checks)

Once your application is approved and payment is received, the owner will be issued a certificate to use at one of our participating vets.

The veterinarian will be faxed a copy of your approved application and certificate.  The owner is responsible for contacting the veterinarian to schedule an appointment.  The owner must bring the certificate to the appointment or will be subject to the veterinarian’s regular prices.

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